Preventive Maintenance

Our trained service technician will inspect the belts, door gaskets, handles, hoses, drains, mounting studs, bearings, flush bins, solenoid valves, level switches, clutches, inverters, motors, lint screens, wiring harnesses, burner assemblies, blowers, timers, gas valves, thermostats, and exhaust ducts. All adjustments if needed will be made to your belts, flames, locks and switches.

On certain machines, we will drain the oil and replace with new. We will thoroughly clean your equipment and remove the excessive lint buildup and/or debris. Then, your machines will be ran and tested for proper operation. Management will be advised, in writing, of any worn or broken parts that need replacing or may need replacing in the near future.


A&R Commercial Laundry Services are washing machine and tumble dryer drum bearing replacement specialists.

Our bearing repairs and replacement costs will include the call out to you, the cost of any parts and labour charges.

Our fully qualified engineers are available with a 48 hour response in the week, to visit you and fix your appliance.

Our vans are fully stocked, and with 40 years professional experience we can offer effective solutions and peace of mind.


Your Tumble dryer's vent system removes moisture and lint from your laundry. The lint builds up as a thick coating on your duct and can reduce its drying capacity.

With a blocked duct, your machine will take more time to dry laundry and will use up more energy, which means higher costs, as well as having an impact on the environment.

We can carry out a thorough check of your laundry duct to ensure that the filters are secure and in place, we can then identify the level of contamination in the duct work.

We can then clear lint from all filters within the dryers. The fan unit and ductwork will then be cleaned. The aim is to leave your duct system clean and dust free. All work comes at competitive rates.


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